How to Integrate the existing decoder with the IL layer?

Hi everyone,

I am new to this openmax.

Need help to integrate the decoder with IL layer

How do I need to go about the integration?

And also do we need to define OMX core functions like GetHandle, Init,… OR libraries are available to call directly?

what all the things needs to be considered for the integration? :?:

Nagananda Shet

were u able to Integrate ur deecoder?
The same problem i am also facing. Suppose if u done it plz let me know the procedure

Madhu Reddy

I think u needn’t define the funs such as GetHandle, … Because these funs are just macros defined by the omx_core.h and other head files. OMX IL standard provide a group API,they are standard.What we should do is to implement them. ur decoder is one of the standard components.And I suggest that u’d better design ur components according the Open MAX IL spec. U should understand the component’s action,including command and data flow.I think the data is transferd between two components by invoking emptythisbuffer or fillthisbuffer function.So ur decode codec’s action should be done in one of this call. So in greneral, we do the decode action when our components call emptythisbuffer or fillthisbuffer.