How to Install OpenGL (win2000)?


I have tryed it several times, but not successful

The Readme file is not explained good for 2k users. plz help me

You should clarify what you mean by “install OpenGL”. Windows 2000 (like all other Windows version after the original Win95) come with OpenGL built in. You also need a driver for your card that supports OpenGL. If you have that, then most other problems are game specific.

If you’re trying to install GLSetup, you don’t have to. Just install the latest driver for your card. If you still have problems, telling us what card you have and what game you’re having trouble with have might help.

ahh thx for the info, really helpfull.

but there is a probleme… my video card drivers don’t run under 2k Only the standard drivers- they Win2k installed.

what I have to do?

What video card do you have?

Elsa Winner 2

I have looked for drivers for this card, but found nothing plz help

Why don’t you send an email to ELSA?
Or post the question here again with a new title such as:
“ELSA WINNER II on Windows 2000”?

I need some help on OpenGL properties of my video card. I am running a toshiba satellite Pro 4330 laptop (running win2k)with the S3 Savage MX/IX. I read that it is OpenGL compatible so I tried running various games that are: Half-Life, Unreal Tournament, etc…) but notice that they say that my card doesn’t support OpenGL and when I try it anyways…it’s either REALLY REALLY slow (the mouse movements and etc…) or it says that it can’t use the drivers. I contact toshiba and all they can say is get their latest driver (to which I did) but nothing has changed.

McChegga, the Elsa Winner 2 is based on the Savage4. Try to download the drivers from

Same place might also have drivers that will help you, CyberJack.