How to include material when converting x3d to webgl-html?

Hi there,

5min ago I heard from webgl…

So I had an idea…
> downloaded free wine glass model ( with apropriate glas material for Blender
> exported the model from blender 2.6.0 to .x3d-file
> used the converter( convert x3d to html5
> copied it html-file to apache and opened with firefox 4 and tata…it works :slight_smile:

But there is still a little problem…the glass material is apparently missing.
(Anyway there are some lighting effects on the glass)

How to get that materials from blender inside webgl?

Btw.: is there maybe a much simpler way to get blender models inside webgl?

Dont forget that the pathing for the materials used in the glass will refer to local places rather than the location of your material that i guess you have uploaded to a server or put into another folder on your computer. You need to make sure the path for the material is correct.

does that help?