How to get images or videos from the headset camera

In OpenXR Spec, I know OpenXR App can set the environment blend mode of “XR_ENVIRONMENT_BLEND_MODE_ADDITIVE” to make the display show the real world view.
If I do not have wrong understanding, it means the XR runtime will let the real world images that captured from the camera move to SwapChain and wait for rendering operations.
However, sometime a few operations need to directly call APIs to get images or videos from the camera.
Is there any OpenXR API that can do this thing?

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There is not yet any API for this - the additive blend mode puts the composition of any video-seethru as the responsibility of the compositor. (AR-style registration of objects is also the responsibility of the runtime.) Since there are privacy and security concerns with providing access to the camera images directly, we have not yet released any functionality to do that - if we do in the future, it would presumably take the form of an extension.

To help the working group understand: what are your specific use cases for the camera images?

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