How to get gl.h in linux x 64

Because of this
but I only get glew , glext.h, glxext.h and wglext.h ,where is the rest?
help me please.And I’m english is not good.

For details you must says what is your linux distribution : is using .rpm like RedHat and others or .deb like Debian, Ubuntu and orthers, or something else … ?

For rpm :
yum install freeglut-devel

For deb :
apt-get install freeglut-dev

should install all needed headers at the correct places.

I just want to get source and compiled it,which one inckude ,PixelLight can do this?
I use Quadro FX 380 and ubuntu amd64 10.04.

And gl.h, glext.h, glx.h, glxext.h all in the freeglut?

Either in freeglut or in one of its dependencies, which will be automatically installed if not already present.