How to extract relationship of vertices of an object in dae

I am trying to decode the relationship of vertices of an object say a cube, in dae file,but failed.Is there any algorithm or any method to get the relationship of vertices of an object cube.

Is any one who can pull me out from this.

thanks in advanvce.

Assuming the common technique…

The <geometry> element describes a <mesh> containing <vertices> and primitives, like <triangles>, that assemble vertex attributes, like POSITION and NORMAL, from input streams.

The mesh primitives are assembled using indexes supplied by the

element. The <input> elements describe the streams that are sampled by those index values, giving them semantics. On each iteration of the primitive assembly operation, an index value is fed through each input to the referenced source and the source returns the appropriate values.

The <vertices> element is a collection of inputs that describe the mesh’s vertex attributes that are invariant to the type or ordering of the primitives. The main purpose of the <vertices> element it to provide each mesh vertex identity and is an extra level of indirection to the actual data sources.

Data sources are stored in arrays and lack semantics so that they can be shared in various ways. Each <source> has a <accessor> that describes the values that are output from the stream to any <input> that references the source.

I hope that helps.