how to download open GL

Wouldnt you know it my message has disappeared.
Please can somone tell me where I can download open GL from. Not at nvidia, or this site or SGI or Tucows. I have a AMD 1.7 machine with riva tnt64 running brand new xp pro, and brand new return to castle wolfenstein says that there is no open gl and it needs it. How do I get it please. It has been a long fruitless afternoon and evening searching. I thought it might be here.

Thanks Rich2ard

The OpenGL drivers are part of the display driver package, there is NO seperate download.
In your case download and install the latest display drivers from and you should be good to go.

If it still doesnt work, something else is wrong.

call me old school but I DO remember downloading a seperate program for opengl. years agao mind you but I DO remember that. there was a runtime released that would work insted of your gfx manufacturers version
back in the voodoo2 type days. when games like outlaws was a new one

It took a while of searching glsetup is what i was thinking of. used to work quite well was designed for win 95/8 still downloadible and usefull. opengl is NOT always included in vender drivers properly. nvidia is a guilty one of those guilty partys, microsoft doesnt help much with that either.


glSetup was abandoned approx. 4 years ago, because it is not longer needed.

In reality glsetup was just a monolithic block of
prepackaged display driver set from various manufactures (Nvidia, 3dlabs, ATI, Number9, 3dfx, PowerVR, …). During the installation the type of your 3d card was detected and the corresponding driver properly installed.

This was done for easy CD distribution (games & magazines) because not everyone had internet access back in those days. If you knew your card type and had internet access you did not need glSetup at all.

To sum it all up:

The reason why there is NO seperate OpenGL download is quiet simple. OpenGL is an API and it is up to every 3d chip manufacturer to implement this API into there drivers (and pay royalties for doing so).