How prone is Intel to updating their graphics driv

I have a sandy bridge i5 2410m(which has an integrated gpu gma hd 2000/3000), and the most recent version of opengl it supports is 3.0(not new enough to run Brink). I want to know if there is any chance that Intel will update the driver(and add support for opengl 3.1).

Intel, in my experience, never realease updated OpenGL drivers for their products. From time to (rare) time they may bring out a slightly newer driver for Direct X, but don’t hold your breath for an update to OpenGL.
Intel are more likely to update their OpenGL levels when they bring out a newer product rather than add it to existing h/w.
Perhaps a lack of OpenGL certification or conformance testing is a reason for this. Microsoft offer a driver certification process which you can bet includes a portion of Direct 3D.

The drivers get updated all the time and developers are responsive to bug reports.

I use GNU/Linux. From what is written on these forums the situation is different for Windows. I do not know about the update frequency with other operating systems such as Free BSD.

Edit: However in spite of frequent driver updates 3.1 support will probably not arrive before the end of the year.