How do I determine what video card I have?

I get this message: “GLW_StartOpenGL() - could not load OpenGL subsystem”

I’ve read that I probably need to update my video card drivers, but I don’t know what kind of video card I have. Can XP do it automatically?

Thanks for any help.

Click, start, run, type in ‘dxdiag’ (without the quotes). and click the display tab. Next to Device, it will say Name. Your video card is listed there.


Thanks a lot.

NP, I work tech support for Activision, so I deal with this stuff ALL the time

i am having a similiar problem but mine is because i formatted my hard drive and reinstalled Windows… i tried running dxdiag and it sees my video card as a “Standard Video Graphics Adapter” any way i can find out with out having to open the case??