How do I check OpenCL is OK? Mac/Windows

Hi all,

I am starting on OpenCL Development, I found some tutorials but they all assume you have OpenCL drivers up and running.

But How do I check this is the case and OpenCL is ready to go?

I am using both Mac OSX 10.6 (Snow Leopard) and Win 7 with an ATI HD4850.

I am looking for benchmarking/monitoring tools etc. I’ve been looking it up on google but it’s all very fragmented so I thought I’d drop a post here.

Any help appreciated.

On SnowLeopard, OpenCL is always present and you can just start calling it using the default cl_platform. Under Windows your app should either have a hard dependency on the ICD dll (if you can’t run without CL), or you need to do the usually dll handling to deal with its absence… its been a long time since I’ve had to do that, so I can’t help you there. Once the ICD is loaded you need to enumerate the installed platforms and choose one (or more).

There was a post in the last week on these forums regarding a few benchmark suites that are addressing CL. I haven’t looked into them myself, but they should provide a starting point. For profiling tools, you can use vendor-specific tools or the profiling API built into CL – it allows you to time how long it takes your command’s events to pass through their various states. Look in the OpenCL spec for profiling.