How change rotation of the image with texture?

Hi everyone. How should i change my collada file to rotate the image with texture when i apply it for mesh. My texture is image with different stripes, so when i apply it to my cube i need on the different surfaces stripes will be =, on the other ||. Thanks for any help.

I can’t say I understand what are you trying to do, so I’ll give a try;

I think this is related to other question. Again COLLADA defines face attribute for cube mapping. Maybe this is what you are looking for.

If you want to use only one image for texturing, image and texture coords should do what you need. I mean image and coords should came as your needs.

Like glTF’s texture_transform extension (, an extension could be defined for COLLADA for texture rotations. As COLLADA implementers (we; a few individual developers) we could write some extensions to extend COLLADA. There are lot of things to do in TODO list :wink: