HogFeature output 0 in OpenVX1.2

I’m working on HogFeature in OpenVX1.2 now, but I find that the output are all 0, is there any bugs in this kernel?

For context:

Honglin_Zhang, you might provide more context on your problem to give folks something to go on (OpenVX implementation, platform, usage, etc.)

I’m sorry for not describing my problem clearly.

I use OpenVX1.2 CTS to test OpenVX1.2 source code. When I run the HogFeature kernel in OpenVX1.2 CTS, I find that all output are 0, the HogFeature kernel’s reference code in CTS output all 0.

The file is OpenVX-cts/test_conformance/test_hog.c, and the function name is hogfeatures_ref().


I check this function, the line number is 435,

    float hist = min((*(bins_ref + bins_index) / sum), params.threshold);
    *features_ptr = *features_ptr + hist;

I doubt this statement is wrong, but I’m not sure about this. Maybe I should use OpenVX1.3 cts rather than OpenVX1.2?

Hope to get your help, thanks much!

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