HL with OpenGL on Windows XP ... running OK !!!

Hi. First, sorry for my terrible english. A bit hope for some …

-Windows XP Pro
-P4 2GHZ
-nVidia GeForce2 MX 100/200 64 Mb VRAM(lastest drivers)
-Direct X 9.0 (unimportant)
-C:/WINDOWS/SYSTEM32/opengl32.dll - 669 KB (685.568 bytes)
-wonderful nVidia Refresh Rate Fix MKII v2.10E (www.sheep-design.net)

After reading many of messages here, patching, reinstalling … I begin to think about Half-Life\valve\hw\opengl.cfg.
Testing with parameters from “http://half-life.gamehelp.com/console/video.html”, I try
this, and work!!!: (content of my opengl.cfg, copied initially from d3d.cfg)

// Z buffer half range, but no clears (saves fill rate)
gl_ztrick 0
// Stochastically dither 24-bit images since the driver will truncate them to 565 (on/off)
gl_dither 0
// Amount of offset to apply to decals (0 disables)
gl_polyoffset 50
// Apply lightmaps to alpha tested surfaces with holes (on/off)
gl_lightholes 1
// Keep collinear points added by QCSG/QBSP to fix T-junctions (on/off)
gl_keeptjunctions 0
gl_palette_tex 0
bitmapsfonts 0

I think that the important stuff here, with my stupid nVidia card are, “gl_palette_tex 0”
and “bitmapsfonts 0”, inverted from default settings.

Half-Life is just OK, with OpenGL acceleration !!!

Useful for somebody, maybe.