HL says "your video card does not support this opengl mode"

I just bought a geforce 4 video card and when i try to play HL on it, it keeps saying my video card does not suppoert opengl. i d/l the latest drvier but still dosent work. anyone know whats wrong?

btw im using XP

yes, i have Geforce 3 and i also have the same problem. But I once could play with this mode on until i erased something call “opengl32”. After that i couldnt play anymore on the setting opengl for Counter-Strike. But i reinstalled opengl32 and it still doesnt work. please help.

Download and install the latest drivers from www.nvidia.com

Well, i have XP and i downloaded something called “44.03_win2kxp_international”. After i installed it and followed everything it told me to do it still did not work. Im getting more frusterated. Should I reinstall Counter-Strike?

That and/or doing a clean reinstall of your video drivers by using something like Detonator R.I.P.

CS is an old game and needs to be patched for it to work. Can you run other GL based games?