Hey where can i get OpenGl for my video card. Im not sure whati have but i know its an ATI rage fury por/xpert200 pro. So where can i get OpenGL drivers. Im running windows XP proffesional edition. Thanks and sorry for being so dub.

I guess I have to write a macro or something because Im getting sick of typing it over and over again.

There is NO such thing as a seperate download to get OpenGL “drivers”.

They are part of the display drivers that:

a.) ship with your 3d card or
b.) you can download from the vendors site

-The drivers that ship with WinXP DONT have OpenGL support because MS wants everybody to use DirectX so you have to download the latest XP drivers for your 3d card from the manufacturers website.

-GLSetup is just a little utility that “tries” to figure out what kind of card you got and then download the correct drivers from the manufacturers website.

-The huge version already has a large set of those drivers “build in” so it does not need to download drivers. It was meant to be shiped on a CD together with the game so people without an internet connection could have “upgraded” drivers as well.

-If you know what kind of card you got I recommend that you go directly to ie. ATI, NVIDIA etc website to download the latest drivers for your card.

-If the manufacturer does not provide an driver that fully supports OpenGL you are out of luck. Blame him not OpenGL.

-Make sure you correctly uninstall an old driver before you install a new one.

Nothing, perhaps we should email the board manager, and see if we can get a brief FAQ sticky in this forum, way too many people just post without reading other posts. What do you think, is it worth the effort?

Or, should we just continue with this sick fascination we have, and keep typing the same 3 answers over and over and over and over…

Nice idea but I think that they are already aware of the problem because they put something about W2K and XP drivers on the mainpage. Apparently nobody cares to read that.

Most people just come, post and dont listen.

(At least their wasnt a nasty post for some time now.)