help with video card

Hi. I don’t really know where else to post so I will give it a try

I have a Creative Blaster (nvidia TNT2) on win2k and now if I leave the computer for awhile the screen turns off… which is ok, but it will not come back on even after moving the mouse pounding on the keyboard etc… It looks like the moniter will not synch… I have just installed the detonator 3 drivers… can anyone help?

I have had that problem before in winme…I dont know about win2k but I went into my controle panel and check your power settings and bump up the time for your drive to go to standby and your monitor also…worked for me in ME…Good luck man!!

Alright, try this:

Goto your control panel and open Power Options.
Then make sure that “Turn off hard disks” is set to “Never” and “System standby” is also set to “Never”. Set your “Turn off monitor” to 15-20 mins.

Hope that helps