Help With OpenGL

I Play Counter-strike and it runs on OpenGL, For some reason I have problems when i change my brightness. When I raise my brightness to 100% then go in the game it resets it down to 50%, why is that? When i change OpenGL to software it does not do that yet I can’t play the game in software mode because of the crappy look. Please help.

You change brightness from where? The game or on your monitor?

the game

Try to change the brightness on your monitor

I change it on my monitor myself.
There is some issue with the game I guess. Visit
Go to forums -> Counter-Strike (whichever one you have)

I have played games where when I switch to fullscreen, it’s not able to adjust the brihtness, but works fine in window mode.

Monitor is all the way up

Try Window mode if you haven’t already.
You can also try to adjust the gamma factor of your graphics card, if it offers the option. Should be in control panel->display (advanced)