ok ppl heres my problem. i have an NVIDIA VANTA card. i youst to run Half-Life in OpenGL @ 1024 resolution. i tried to put in a wallhack but it didnt work because it came up with something that said Your card doesnt support this type of OpenGL format. so i deleted it and it still said it! so i uninstalled everything. reinstalled everything and it STILL SAYS IT! i tried to dload the drivers off the NVIDIA site and they dont work! when i run em a small DOS window comes up and it goes away in a half second. someone please help me i have no clue what to do now!

First check the text file win.ini for a line DVA=0. If you did not find it can you try to reinstall the drivers.

  1. Click on the desktop with right mouse button and select properties. Change the driver to standard VGA.
  2. Windows will restart.
  3. Open the control panel and select add/remove program. Remove the nvidia drivers.
  4. Windows will restart.
  5. Reinstall the nvidia drivers.
  6. Another restart
  7. everything works?
    (8. reinstall windows)
    (9. install linux )

how do i change the drivers? be more specific please i really need help.