Help! Slow OpenGL rendering.


I’ve tried the asteroids like game from the advanced forum. It runs at 34 fps in 102476832bpp(vsync off) on my

TBird 900MHz, 256MB RAM,GeForce2 MX 32MB, WinMe, Detonator 12.40b

configuration. This is really slow compared to other results in that forum, though some of (most of) them are run on slower machines.

Other results(64048032bpp):
Q2 v3.20 demo1.dm2: ~80 fps.
Q3 demo001: 48 fps

Can anyone help me?


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Thats indeed slow for your kind of configuration.

Assuming you got an AGP card, are you sure its running in AGP 4x mode?



Perhaps you broke your hardware acceleration with the Detonator 12.40 drivers… With the GeForce 2 MX you should be using the 6.50 or below, right?

Alright. I tried it with 6.31 and 6.50 drivers too (6.31 is a little bit faster).Doesn’t matter, no effect.
I forced AGP 4x mode with NVMax. Just the same.

Another notice. 3dMark 2001 is faster with software T&L than with HW.

How do I know if OpenGL falls back to software rendering, or my card is in PCI compatibility mode?

Thanks in advance,