Help! OpenGL not working


Vid card I have : TNT2 M64 32mb PCI, latest drivers from nVidia website

Computer : Celeron 400, 192mb SDRAM, 5.5gb HD

Problem : OpenGL won’t be detected by ANY game that uses OpenGL technology. I got a small game, asteroids 3d which I can “force” to use the opengl32.dll file and in that case it works, but never for any of the other games.

Question : How can I make this whole thing work properly?

Side note : I used to have a Voodoo 3 AGP 16mb installed. When I took it out, I had a LOT of trouble getting rid of the drivers, but I think I got em all…

Please help!

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I have the same exact problem as you, I have a intel 810 motherboard w/ a built in video card, I changed it to a PCI TNT2 Model 64, I have two problems:
1.When I try to play Counter-strike on opengl it says OpenGL is not supported by my card, but I have a friend with the exact same card and his works. Any Help?
2.When I disabled the card I did it through the BIOS setup, but everytime I boot up the computer it says that the computer has found “new” hardware(the old video card), and I dont want to install the old one again, and clue on how to get rid of this?
If you have anything that could possibly help me please e-mail me at
thank you very much
J. Kupferman

OK… two-fold solution:

Thats SHOULD solve it… and… why DOWNGRADE from a perfectly good AGP card to a tnt2 PCI??? I don’t see the point!

J. Kupferman:
To disable your old card in windows:
Start Menu>Settings>Control Panel>System>Device Manager>Video Cards…
select your OLD vid card, click properties, and make sure that the “Disable in this hardware profile” box is CHECKED. Should solve it!