Help!!!MGA 200 Open GL / Quake 3 Arena crash!

Hi there

I have a Epox MVP3E mother board, AMD K6-500 proccesor, 128 mb memory, 128 bits Creative sound card, and a MGA 200 video card.Running Windows 98 for gaming and Windows 2000 Prof.for Internet and serious stuff in dual boot.
Latest Bios upgrade on the motherboard installed, latest version of OPEN GL installed for my MGA.

I try to run Quake 3 Arena (on Win 98) but I only see one shot and the system craches big time.
If this happens I need to start up in save mode deinstall the Videocard and restart.
The system finds the MGA card and reinstalls.
System otherwise runs fine.

Any one knows this problem?

Please react soon! I just want to play Quake 3!

Regards Auke Dost