HELP ME PLEASE! Opengl subsystem problem, I've tried everything

okay, i’m sure you all know about the subsystem error… I think i’ve tried EVERYTHING, nothing seems to work… it’s horrible… I’ve done all the win.ini stuff downloaded the opengl software and installed all of the opengl.dll in the correct areas. I’ve done all the stuff with the virtual memory. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled my card. I even got a different card. Same problem. I had a rage fury 32mb now i have a Radeon 7500 64mb card. I’m getting really irritated and i’ve completely lost hope. The funny thing is that all these games worked before. And they stopped working. I relaly don’t know what to do. Someone help me please…

Have you tried a different video card? Perhaps your current one has simply lived its life?

Yes, I had a rage fury pro 32mb, and i just switched to a radeon 7500 series 64mb (My brother was using it. I was just playing cod with it at his house)