Help me about Display list and View Frustum Culling.

Hi, everyone.
I’m Korean, so I don’t write in English very well.
I want to know relation between Display list and View Frustum Culling.
When I tested my program with display list in total object, I got a slow result than not using display list. But when I draw portion of object in monitor, using display list is faster than not using display list. Perhaps, I think the result, if I use display list, OpenGL sort the data of object and excute View frustum culling. So, graphic performace improvement. Is it correct?
My graphic card chip set is nVidia GeForce FX 5700, and perhaps OpenGL version is 1.3 (included in Redhat9)
Please, hep me.
Thank you for your help…

I am not entirely sure what you asking for but the driver can optimize displaylists as it sees fit, for example holding the entire displaylist in videomemory while immediate mode code like glVertex3f() calls usually involve Systemmemory->Videomemory transfers.

However questions like this are better asked and answered in the “OpenGL coding: beginners” board on this site.

Thanks your help.