HElp, I need somebody, help, not just anybody, help, you know i need someone, heeeelp

I think there is a problem with my floppy drive. I can’t fit cdroms into it. Is it supposed to be bigger, or did it just shrink when i last washed it. I washed on a 60 degree wash cycle, with extra rinse. I then dried it with a paint-stripper. Was this wrong? The paint did come off, but I think it may have shrunk parts of the computer.

Whatcha gotta do is heat up the front face plate just enough to be able to stretch it wide enough for a CD-ROM to fit. This don’t always work depending upon the chipset of the washer you used to wash your parts. Contact your local Appliance dealer and ask them what chipset it uses. Take the numbers of that chipset, divide by 16.4 and subtract 33 and that’s how many millimeters high you have to stretch the opening of the floppy drive as you’re stretching it wider. :)~