Help - How to force Win32 OpenGL software render mode

I know this is a weird question, bear with me…

Say you have some software that uses OpenGL when it runs under Win32. There’s no configuration options… it just uses OpenGL. Now let’s say that the software “expects” that OpenGL is going to be using Win32 software rendering mode.

NOW let’s say that you run this software on a laptap that has OpenGL hardware accelleration on a video card that is hard wired to the board (like one of the latest Dell Latitudes with ATI chipsets). This software then crashes when you run it on such a machine because of the hardware accelleration.

Does ANYONE know of program, registry tweak, etc., that will FORCE Win32 OpenGL into Software mode when it runs on a machine with OpenGL hardware accelleration built into the display adapter?

You can check this out. I dont know if it can help you. Its a program that convert openGL to Direct3D.

Change the desktop color resolution from 16bpp into 32bpp.
In most ATI chips I know, no hardware acceleration in 32bpp.

What program are you uesing that needs to be in Software mode?? I know of no Ogl function that will crash in Hw mode, if the program is uesing a function that is not supported in the HW it will just brop to SW. are you sure that there is not some other reason the program is crashing. do you need gult.dll maby?