HELP: got Matrox G450 and FlightGear. Where to get a good OpenGL?

I have a Matrox Millenium G450 graphics card and I wanted to try FlightGear a 3D-flight simulator but got 1fps. Can you recommend me a OpenGL driver. I updated both my video card and its BIOS from the matrox site but no improvement.

Flight Gear is a fairly typical OpenGL application in terms of it’s performance and hardware requirements. It requires a reasonable hardware accelerated 3D card with full OpenGL drivers to achieve smooth frame rates. Software only rendering typically yields frame rates in the neighborhood of 1 frame per second. But, with a 3d accelerated card you can expect much higher. On a 1Ghz class CPU with a GeForce card, frame rates in excess of 60 fps are reasonable to expect in many situations. The actual frame rate varies of course with scene complexity (which changes from area to area and changes as your view direction changes.)

Your FPS sounds about right…