Help... Completely out of ideas here...

Hi guys!

I have a Voodoo 3 3000 video board, and some problems unfortunately. My problem is that I cannot under any circumstance get Solidworks 2001 to work properly. When it is previewing Extrusions and such it works fine. When I turn on Interactive rendering, it works better, but when I try to sketch/move/rotate/move mouse over viewport, as soon as I stop moving the part, the screen goes all garbled, and I cannot work anymore. I have tried everything in my knowledges reach. I tried all the drivers I could get my hands on, switched color depths, even removed the wallpaper… To no avail. When I turn on Software OpenGL It does not garble the display, but my amd K6-II 450 just cannot cope with the program.

If anyone has a solution or something I have missed, please tell me ASAP.

I am using Win98 SE, Directx 8.0, ASUS P5A-B mobo, 256 RAM, no OCs.

Sorry dude!

I think that is a driver problem since it works fine (but slow) in software OpenGL.

Unfortunatly 3dfx got bought by nvidia so there will be no updates/bugfixes to the 3dfx drivers.

I see only two alternatives:

1.) sticking to software rendering
2.) buying a new graphics board