Help a NOOB please!!

Been trying to fix my problem with OpenGL. Im guessing i need new vid card drivers or somethin… well, when i try a to play a game (called, “gore” (which requires opengl to play…)) the game begins to load up, until i get an error message saying…

Unable to construct OpenGL display:
Unable to retrieve procedure address for glActiveTextureARB.”

i’ve played this game many times before, so my vid card must have opengl…

ok, im very computer stupid. but any help would be appreciated

Make absolutely sure you have the latest video drivers installed.

i have the same exact problem with the same exact game,…i fixed it about a year ago, but something happened, and now its back,…can anyone help me,?..i fixed it before by downloading something but its been so long that i’ve completely forgotten whar it was i downloaded,…HELP,!!!

Which game and what video card?