Heads up on major change to loadtest apps and build system

I am working on changes to make the loadtest applications portable. *_loadtests will be refactored to use SDL and project and make files will be generated with GYP. I was reluctant to add these dependencies but decided the benefits outweigh the drawbacks.

I currently have loadtests_gl3 building and running under the new system on Windows, OS X and iOS. Android, Linux & HTML5 will come later. I am waiting for access to GitHub’s new LFS (Large File Storage) feature before pushing these changes. I’ll be using LFS to store SDL binaries for the supported platforms. These changes will initially appear in a new branch. Once functionally equivalent to the current master and we have had more time for testing, I’ll merge the changes to master.

I’ll post a further message once I’ve pushed the new branch.

The new incoming branch is finally on GitHub. As noted, you’ll need GitLFS to clone or fork this repo. README.md has a link. Note only the OS X and iOS builds are currently known to work. I’ll be tackling Windows next.

The changes on ‘incoming’ are now completed and the tests can be built and run on GNU/Linux, iOS, OS X and Windows. I plan to merge these to master on February 15th. At some point I will add Android support but first I want to address https://github.com/KhronosGroup/KTX/issues/8 and add some features to the library.

You will need Git LFS (https://github.com/github/git-lfs) version 1.0 or later to fully checkout ‘master’ after the merge. The first checkout will be a little slow because it will download the binaries of the 3rd party libraries (SDL2 and GLEW) used by the test programs.