Hardware for dummies?

I am computer illiterate, and I saw a Glyder Max-2 on Ebay, and was wondering if anybody can tell me if this will work in an E-Machine 500is, running windows 98. I would apreciate any help.

Thank You.

I have two answers to this. First, probably yes. Second, don’t get it.

The Glyder MAX-2 is based on the Permedia 2, which is an old chip. It was an okay chip 3-4 years ago, but you can do much better now. It lacks some important 3D features (like basic blending modes), and isn’t very fast. Unless of course it costs like $5 and you currently have no 3D acceleration, in which case it might be worth the money.

As for how other cards would fit your computer, I have no idea whether the E-Machine 500is has AGP support or not. You might have to consult the motherboard manual or open your case. If it doesn’t support AGP, then it most likely has built in 3D acceleration, which will most likely be faster than the Glyder MAX-2 anyway.

As I mentioned in some other threads, you can get an 8MB TNT family card for $30 to $35 for either AGP or PCI (search www.pricewatch.com),,) which will be faster and support more features than the Glyder MAX-2. Even if you don’t buy it, use it as a point of comparison with anything you buy.