half-life help w/ opengl (CS related)

Hey guys, im new to this forums and I have a question for you gurus. I am a gamer of course and I play CS.
I was wondering how I could download a openGL software to allow me to run openGL instead of Direct 3d for playing CS.

Whenever I choose OpenGL in the video modes then I enter a game, it disconnects and says: Your video card does not support this mode. Then i go back to direct 3d and direct 3d is kind a crappy for my computer.

My specs include:
192 mb ram
590 mhZ
Voodoo 3 graphics card (cannot find patches for windows xp)

k thanks I appreciate this greatly!

Originally posted by fong:
[b]I am a gamer of course

Voodoo 3 graphics card[/b]

These two statements contradict one another. If you want to play modern games on a modern operating system, then you’re going to need a modern computer with a modern video card.

LOL well i do have a good computer thats amd athlon but my brother kicks me off it all the time. and plus its messed cause CS freezes due to some weird bug.

I updated the drivers for my new computer at the website and nothing changed. So i resort to my ‘lower end’ computer because i dont wanna take it somewhre and get it fixed YET.

Any suggestions besides telling me to get modernized lol!

I am having the same problem, the only thing is, it worked yesterday, and I’m sure my computer can handle it.

AMD 2000+
GeForce4 Ti4200 8x AGP

oh, one more thing, I’ve had this problem before, and I got rid of it by reinstalling windows.

Originally posted by fong:
Any suggestions besides telling me to get modernized lol!

No, the problem is that you put WinXP on your system. Unfortunatly there are no offical XP drivers for the Voodoo3. 3DFX went out of business before XP was shipped, so you only get generic drivers that dont support OpenGL.

I think there are some custom made XP drivers for the Voodoo somewhere but I dont know if they actually work or nuke your system.

Why are you using XP on that system? If you use it to play CS most of the time, Win98SE is a good alternative because you can get offical voodoo3 drivers that support OpenGL.

If you want to stick to XP you better toss the voodoo3 out.