Half Life errors with OpenGL under Windows XP

Got a GeForce4 Ti4400, and while playing any half life mod (in my case day of defeat) after 5 mins my PC just crashes. I can run the game in D3D without crashing but i get like 20 fps and its unplayable.

Got latest Dets, tested it and its deff Nvidia drivers installed no microsoft jobbies, and the drivers were clean install.

Please help as its driving me NUTS


I’ve got a similar problem. When i play counter-strike with opengl, after playing for a bit my monitor will just go black. I have a geforce 4 mx420, and the latest nvidia drivers. plz help me out. thx

i have the geforce mx420 and Half Life will not connect to any multiplayer server in OpenGL mode. Works in Direct3d and software modes, though. It worked fine until my wife installed SimCity3000 and now even reinstalling all drivers and game software won’t put it back to rights. Argh.

My problem is very similar to one of that above, after about 5 mins playing time using OpenGL mode in the HL engine my computer completely locks out.

I recently upgraded to windows 2k after getting very pissed off with windows ME, so i reinstalled Half-Life and Counter-Strike and some other mods just to find that OpenGL mode no longer works!!! I have been forced to run in software mode since the upgrade and it is VERY annoying, despite the lag delay and lack in graphical detail, it also runs about about 4 fps ive tried updating to the latest drivers for my video card (NVidia Riva TNT2 M64 32Mb) and also reverting back to older driver to see if that works, which it doesnt. Please please please could you suggest a possible solution to my dilema. Thanks very much. Cheers

i have a similar problem…My opengl wont work every other time i play. It wont work until i reinstall the drivers and tfc. But it comes back the next time i use it. I don’t what the problem is but i can’t get opengl to stay working. I get it to work by reinstalling everything but the problem comes right back.

i just bought a new computer and bought the Geforce 4 Ti4600… (leadtek Winfast A250 Ultra) and im using windows 2000 professional with the 2nd service pack.

While playing ANY Open GL game (counterstrike, JK2 etc) the game will freeze about 5 / 10 mins of gameplay. i do not understand the problem, ive tried to underclock my card, put in extra fans, put my graphics card on its own IRQ with no sharing but i still have problems.

Could someone please reply with a answer to these problems?

I have the same problem. Counter-Strike + GF3 + WinXP + open GL= crash!!! ive been forced to run CS in D3D. other games run in openGL just fine.

Same deal as all you happy people… I got a new comp with a screamin geforce 4, every game I play runs like a dream (tribes II, JKII, etc.) but for some reason I cannot get openGL to work with my HL/CS/DoD. I DLed the newest drivers from Nvidia, no dice still wont work for HL. I even went on to my old comp and got my openGL.dll from there to see if that would work… still got no where. Im clueless as to what the problem is but it sure is agrivating.

well i got the same bug
with every windows OS : all open GL games
works well… during a maximum of 15 min
after what opengl just freeze thz comp and i have to reboot it…
i got a geforce256 (geforce 1) with intel i820 chipset (it may be the source of the problem) under winXP pro (last 30.82 nvidia drivers) but the problem is under win98 SE too…

Can anynone tell me if a solution exists ?

well i too have the same trouble , but
i was able to run cs and half life games in open gl at any resolution with no trouble at all, i have had a power supply ready to quit on me for days now and its when i see the troubles.
i can play cs or half life in open gl at 800 x 600 all i want, or in d3d at any resolution, but when i switch to 1024 x 768 opengl ( the way i prefer to play) i get the black screen as most of you.

now as i said i played in open gl with 1024 x 768 vert sync on 100 fps for months with no trouble, then all of a sudden.

ill let ya know after saturday when i replace the power supply if it fixed it for me, but i cant believe all the trouble i see in here.
if you run ut or the ut2003 i know that will screw the opengl as it did to me twice before on other systems, but other than that ive run xp pro for over a year and with a g2ultra and a g3 without any open gl issues ever.

Originally posted by the unknown:
I have the same problem. Counter-Strike + GF3 + WinXP + open GL= crash!!! ive been forced to run CS in D3D. other games run in openGL just fine.