Half Life/ counterstrike game gamma issues.

Recently i began to play counterstrike again, after around two years. I have come acroos a rather irritating problem. In darker areas the visibility is zero making my death immediate and unavoidable. I am running the same pc as i was in the past with the same ati rage 128 (not pro) graphics card and i cannot seem to fix the problem. I have downloaded many new drivers which, although fixing the brightness, make connection impossible for some reason. I have tried to bring down the console and use the various light commands. I have adjusted gamma from the opengl menu in desktop settings and in half life configuration but nothing seems to work. I notice that when i make my desktop brighter. Occasionally i catch a glimpse of a brighter counterstrike, but then it flashes and it is dark again. At my dad’s house he has an option called ‘game gamma’ which i dont have. I was wondering does anyone out there know how i could fix this problem??? Any replies would be very much appreciated. Thankyou

try typing in “gamma x” in the console when you’re in the game. experiment with different x values and find the one that fits best. if you don’t know how to enable console, e-mail me at chrisanderson@swirvemail.com because i probably won’t check back here

Try placing this in your autoexec.cfg in the cstrike directory:

brightness 3.000
gamma 10.0000
lightgamma 0

That’s what I use in TFC.

whats the site thingy for cs??

I hav a ATI 9000 pro Board. And i have the “Game Gamma” option in my control panel… But it does not work with Half-life.
Has anyone the same problem or a solution?
Since it is not allowed to set “gamma 10” in Half-life because of wwcl I cant see anything in dark edges.

I recommend that you look into upgrades for your pc.
Check out www.tigerdirect.com (Warning be careful about the word refurbished, it means used and fixed, also means will go dead faster)

LOL… nice reply. But useless anyway. OK, other solutions?

Well it may be the fact that old 3d accelerator cards will burn out if you have it on an old motherboard and try to overclock. But for 60-150 dollars you can get a new decent 3d card. Try going to http://www.gamepc.com/support/create_upgrade.asp to get an idea on the cost of upgrades.
Really though the ATI Radeon 9000 128MB OEM at $105.00 will increase all video game aspects, unless you are running on an old mother board.
Here I’ll give you guys my email Bracholi3@yahoo.com for more information on upgrades and cheapest prices.
Brach Janney
Computer geek at large
(please do not spam my email.)

One more thing I would recommend that for the time being until OpenGL releases its product for WindowsXP go along with the ATI 3d accelerators. They are now the only card with OpenGL built into the software, (PLEASE DO NOT QUOTE ME THIS IS PURELY WHAT I HAVE READ. I HAVE NOT RESEARCHED THIS COMPLETELY AND AM WAITING FOR A PR PERSON FOR ATI TO ANSWER THE QUESTION OF WHETHER OR NOT THIS MYTH IS TRUE.)

Did I wrote that I already have a 9000pro board?? Don’t know… lets see. Yes, I wrote it. OK. better Ideas?

Install PowerStrip. Then you will be able to use Ctrl Alt + to increase gamma and Ctrl Alt - to decrease it. Ctrl Alt F1 resets it to default. Works like a charm, doesn’t matter if you’re at the desktop or in a game.

Originally posted by mosgerila:
Install PowerStrip. Then you will be able to use Ctrl Alt + to increase gamma and Ctrl Alt - to decrease it. Ctrl Alt F1 resets it to default. Works like a charm, doesn’t matter if you’re at the desktop or in a game.

That works great in the game, but is there anyway, through powerstrip, to make a gamma setting permanant?


Hey Everyone. I just started playing CS and everytime i try to join an online game it tells me that i need to upgrade. Does anyone have an idea of what i need???

Maybe you have to upgrade then =)

Well he wanted to know how to increase brighness in HalfLife in opengl.

Hardly a serious enough issue to buy new hardware.

I have the latest hardware 8x agp etc etc
it is still to dark.
Try using “3DEEP” to automatically adjust all games to the gamma/brightness you want.

It works great with halflife.

You can download a trial version and see what you think.

Or its the console commands.


Buy new hardware cos video is a bit dark…LOL…nutterz

Tried the thing DarthGreg said, and it works fine, but you have to change these numbers every time you play cs, because it seems the’re changing automatically (more exactly, "lightgamma “0” " dissapears from the file)

it doesn’t work for dod either

anyone got another solution?

thx in advance

when im playin cs i try to get into a custom game, you know the ones u click on, and it says if i want to get into a custom game i have to install the custom game, i have no idea what to do for that. can u help me??

powerstrip doesn’t work for my laptop for some reason. i changed the key bindings to things i have and it still doesn’t work. i plugged in an external keyboard and it doesn’t work. i can’t see crap in HL- Day of defeat.

what’s weird s that my laptop doesn’t have contrast adjuster…just brightness

and to the guy above me…go to multiplayer > filters and click on counterstrike. You’re probably trying to play day of defeat or TFC games or whatever