GLW_StartOpenGL() - could not load OpenGL subsystem..again

Hi I have a really annoying problem, I can’t get any OpenGL games to work,
I reasently bought some new hardeware
AMD Duron 800MHZ
Asus A7V-E motherboard
and I have a Evil Kyro 32MB gamecard
when I try to run Quake 3 Arena I get this message
GLW_StartOpenGL() - could not load OpenGL subsystem
What is this and how do I get it away, ive tryed to install the new VIA4in1 drivers latest drivers for my Evil Kyro but it dosn’t work. do any of u know of a solution that works, i really need some help cuz I can’t figure out what tha hell is wrong and how to fix it =(

Thanks in advance Ante

if you are running win 2000 get latest sevice pack
make sure you have the via 4in1 patch(a must)
do not install agp in turbo mode use stanard
get your latest drivers for all your hardware (a must)especially nvidia refrence drivers(i think kryo is geforce? im not sure)
latest patchs for any games
go look for a bios update/flash that might have a solution to your problem.
(warning: if the bios flash readme dosent have fixes for any of your problems you dont have to flash, if you choose to flash BECAREFUL and heed all warnings)
even reinstall game if nessecery
if all that fails, format your drive and reinstall windows. try it in this order
#install windows
#install via 4in1 patch (not turbo mode)
#install direct x 8.0a
#install latest video drivers
#install rest of hardware
#then install some 3d apps, and cross your fingers(just kidding)it should work fine.