Glut: Fatal Error when using ssh -X with mac


I have graphics program (called “Display”) that displays a particular file type (specifically files of the MINC2 format). It utilizes glut and I currently have glut 3.7 that was installed via macports.

When I ssh -X from my mac laptop to a mac desktop (which I do not have easy access to), I have difficulty getting “Display” to work. “Display” works when I’m physically working from the desktop, but does not work when I’m remotely logged in using X forwarding.

So after I’m ssh’d into the desktop and I run “Display” I get the following error:

“GLUT: Fatal Error in no_program_name: OpenGL GLX extension not supported by display: localhost:10.0”

I’m not 100% sure if this is solely an X11 error or if there is some setting I can change to permit glut to work. I’m not pretending to know anything about X11, but I can get “xterm” and “xedit” to forward correctly. On my laptop I have the envriomental variable DISPLAY=:0.0. In /etc/sshd_config on the desktop I have “X11Forwarding yes”.

This has been a problem for me for some time and any enlightening information would be much appreciated. Have a good day!