glTexImage3d capabilities on different cards?

Hi! We are using the glTexImage3D subroutine, and want to have really large, or several large textures. The problem is to find information from the card vendors ( and driver implementers) on how large textures (max values for the width, height, depth and type paramters) the different cards support.
I can share the information I have right now, and would appriciate if anyone have information about the capabilities of other cards (especially FireGL4 or NVIDIA-cards).

FireGL2: 256256256 bytes
Wildcat4210: 256256256 bytes
Wildcat5110: 128128128 bytes

I think that the advanced coding forum would be a better place to ask. Sadly, I don’t have a card that supports this, so can’t check. GeForce3 and all Radeons (including the new FireGLs from ATI) support this, AFAIK, but I don’t know the max size.

can’t help you out but maybe you can help me. I just posted a message- I can’t get my system to recognize glTexImage3D() - I get “Unsupported in this Version of OpenGL”
any ideas?