glslang... when?

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just another thing: do you guys know any demo showing bump mapping with CG (in opengl) using NORMAL MAPS (not height maps)?


Yes, check out the cg_bump_mapping demo.

grrr… waiting for drivers sucks. Ive been waiting for a long time to try out glslang yet didn’t want to put my money on a wildcat vp. Now that its release (atleast by ARB) i have to wait for nvidia to come out w/ drivers that support it and i dont know how long that will take. im just giddy for the new language. yes ive tried cg and like it but i also want to try glslang too! Hurry nvidia before i explode! ; ^ )

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Moreover all you get in the end is ASM, and as far as I know it should work with GF3/GF4 under fp20.

It does not. See Cg User’s Guide, Appendix B, “OpenGL NV_texture_shader and NV_register_combiners Profile ( fp20 )”