down! help! going crazy.

I recently reformmated my comp, and I usally download glsetup and it detects and isntalls just fine, but there site has been down for days. And I can not find the opengl driver needed for my graphics card, its making me go insane, i miss my games! lol but anyone if any of you think you could help, just post or email me…thx

Savage 4 family
Diamond Stealth III 16mb S540 Graphics card
chip id: 8A22

someone, if u know anything, or where my opengl driver is…or if there is another utility just like glsetup please let me know, thx.

Yeah I got the glsetup file, but in order for it to detect and install files, has to be up and running, and its not, so glsetup wont do any good if there main site is down, thx for trying tho…im still looking and cant find lol…plz help!

wow, nm its working now lol, i tryed earlier and it didnt…thx!

is there one that works for windows xp?