I am with a big problem on my hands:
1)in the home page of this page ( there is the folowing text:
"OpenGL Drivers for Windows XP

  • OpenGL works great under ALL versions of Windows (as well as Unix and Mac OS). Each manufacturer makes their own video drivers so you need to visit their website and download their latest OpenGL driver for your particular video card."
    I have a Geforce video card so i went to There i didn’t find any OpenGl driver, only have found display drivers.
  1. The other problem is that the GLSetup ISN’T compatible with Win XP. What do i do to get the OpenGL driver? I am realy with a big problem because of this things i can’t play games like “soldier of fortune” and "return to the castle wolfeinstien "

For Windows XP / 2000 the latest drivers are at:

The graphics driver contains everything you need for games using OpenGL or DirectX

i have done what you have told me but it stil appears the message:GLW_StartOpenGL() - could not load OpenGL subsystem
can you help me?

Unfortunately I can not help you much. I just wanted to point you in the proper direction for driver updates.

There is a search feature in this forum allowing you to check for problems and resolutions that others had with the same software. Just a quick look reveals you are not alone when it comes to this particular problem.

Good Luck

You may need to do a completely CLEAN install of your Geforce drivers.

I suggest using advice from

By the way, it may help if you provide us with more information about your system.