GL Problem/Wolfenstien

Hi guys. This is my first time to website. Lots of information here, I am glad I found it. Anyway, I have a serious problem. I have a new build(1 month old) and I am having serious trouble playing Wolfenstien. I get many GPF errors as well as the ‘Blue Screen’. I look at the GPF errors that XP brings up and it says the error name file is:wolfmp.exe and the MOD name is:atioglxx.dll. I cant play a full game without an error. I have tried everything else, but thinking it might be the video card, ATI Radeon 9500 Pro. I dont know if it is gl file errors or not. I would like to replace my opengl32.dll, but dont know where to get a new copy. Below is my build. Any help is appreciated!

Asus A7N8X
Athlon 2400+
Radeon 9500 Pro
Win XP Pro
Crucial 512 2700 MB
Nforce Sound(Onboard)