Gl not working properly?

Hey everyone , im new year but ive been reading a few articles, and recently my gl hasnt been working at all :|. I got into a quake modding phase, and i thought id treat my self to a nice glQuake approach instead of winquake.

But I get an error code like…

GLQuake: GLQUAKE.EXE - Application Error

The exception Privileged instruction.

(0xc0000096) occurred in the application at location 0x00243432.

Click on OK to terminate the program
Click on CANCEL to debug the program

OK Cancel

So just wondering what should i do to fix this, i got new driver updates for my ATI Radeon 8500 but still nothing. Ive been starting/trying to start some GL programming but i get the same error :frowning: so what could be the problem :frowning: ? thanks in advance :smiley:

Well, some ideas :

  • glQuake is indeed very old. May not work with winXP or whatever.
  • you may have a buggy opengl32.dll in the quake folder. You should not.

Try fuhquake, it is a modern enhanced glQuake port :

About testing if opengl is properly set up on your system, download GLInfo and run it, what it does says about vendor/renderer/Opengl version ? (should be about Ati something, not Microsoft).

I just deleted the openGL.dll and that fixed it all :S, i just dont get that, that aint cricket it all, thanks alot Zbuffer owe u big time :smiley: . Hey also, whilst compiling some gl samples i got that error aswell (well 1 gl example, didnt go on to try more [thought my gl was entirely broken]) like same error pointing out an address, ill have a fiddle with it now, but like i said before thanks alot :smiley:

To explain better, back in time when glquake was released (1997?) the only efficient affordable 3d card was 3dfx Voodoo 1. A ‘miniGl’ wrapper was build, basicaly a “3dfx-driver-for-glQuake”, and put in the quake as opengl32.dll to override the MS software implementation. Remove it and you get your system-wide GL, nowadays accelerated driver for modern cards.
Maybe your gl example has an incorrect opengl32.dll in its folder too ?
And what says GlInfo (copy it to the same folder as your gl example prog)?