Gforce3, Everquest and OpenGL

Ok. I have my PNY gforce3 card up and running. All drivers seem to be there. BUT, Everquest does not recognize the OpenGL drivers anymore. It did with my Voodoo5500.
Also the Opengl setup program I got from here does not recognize the Gforce3. Is it something I am doing?? Or is it something else?
Primary drivers work ok IE DirectX8.0.


gf3 is not compatible with openGL, NOW!

Yet another reason why Nvidia SUCKS and 3dfx ROCKS!

Originally posted by ~={WITTGENSTEIN}=~:
gf3 is not compatible with openGL, NOW!

LOL, why not???

bberna your probably didn’t remove all things from your old Voodoo card, bfore Installing the new dteonator drivers.

Everquest uses Direct3D, not OpenGL.


And on a properly configured system, EQ runs very well on a gf3. I have verified this myself on 2 different systems.

This is a smiple to fix problem.

Delete all the 3dfx*.* files from your computer the Voodoo line of cards will leave some sitting on your computer once you uninstall them and EQ will still try to use them.

Pk. Its now stable as a rock. Missed a few of the old 3dfx files. Thanks.