gForce 2 mx400 + opengl = freez, crash

I cant play quake 3 .
the screen freez and stops after Ii have been plaing for about a minute.
ctrl+alt+del does’n work and I have to shut down the computer the hard way.
this is really annoying.

I dont know whats wrong.
I have done all downloaded the latest driver for my card, and all detonator drivers: 21.81 23.81 and the newest 27.81
Nothing seems to work.
I cant play games like rtcw and quake3.

Is there anything I can do???

My system is pentium III
64MB geforce 2 mx 400
256 mb of ram

windows xp

When i play quake 3 I have to use my old graphic card: ati rage 128
but it got just 16 mb of ram.

If someone know how to fix it, please tell me!