Generate Coordinates of the Visible Lines of an Object, Using Transform Feedback and Depth Buffering

In your first post you didn’t mention that you wanted just the start and the end points, if you really just want those since you have already solved the issue of visibility and confirmed you are seeing correct results. it would just be filtering out the data you don’t need. Perhaps add a check to test if the pixel is a corner by checking near pixels. Also if you don’t want to check every pixel just check if the depth value is 1.0 which provides an early out.

Can I ask why are you trying to solve this specific problem out of curiosity?

I am sorry I wasn’t clear in the original post.
The reason I want this data:
I have designed and created a DVG.
This takes 2D vectors + RGB (across USB/IP(UDP)) to display on a CRT/oscilloscope/xy laser.

locally: svg files, obj/stl files (onboard).
remotely: XY/RGB data in a simple protocol across wifi or usb (from PC).

cool! I hope you end up solving your issues soon.

I am now pursuing the Transform Feedback approach but am having difficulties…

Mission Accomplished
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