GeForce4 OpenGL

Hi Folks-
Switched from 2 Canopus Voodoo2 cards run in SLI mode to a Gainward Geforce4 Ti 4600. Qake3, Unreal Tournament, & Serious Sam (for example) run with lush graphics & fast & furious.
BUT…want to finish Unreal & “The Reckoning” add-on to Quake2. Both of them look considerable inferior on the new card than on the old ones…and I have no idea how to go about getting them back up to snuff. I had thought it was a matter of getting the correct OpenGL drivers on the game side…but am lost and frustrated. I would greatly appreciate some advice or even specific instructions to get better graphics on these older games…

I’d suggest finding an old P2 450 or something for cheap, throw those two Voodoo2’s in there, and enjoy your old games. No driver update will change the behavior of those old games on your new card.