i’m thinking about buying a geforce3.
anyway, i heard that if your pc is too slow, it can’t pass data fast enough to the 3d card, and thus the geforce3 is of no use to you. i’ve got a p3/600. is this machine fast enough ?

nope you need at lease a p3-800 you need a conputer that can do 200 billion callculations per sec sence the GeForce3 calculates 800 billion calculations a second

There’s no hard cutoff where I could say ‘a machine 1 mhz less than this would be better off with a slower card than the gf3’ since such things depend on criteria like your system load, the particular games you play and which options you enable, how much RAM you have, etc. What I can say is that considering your processor speed, it would probably not be worth your money to upgrade if you already have a gf2-type graphics card. If your current graphics card is older than the GeForce 2, I’d say sure, go for it. I have a p3 800 w/ 256 mb of ram and I noticed a slight speed improvement over the geforce 2 on existing games. But, I forked over the 400 bucks because I want to try writing code using the new hardware features, not just to play games and run curent software. Hope this info helps.