Geforce, Quadro, which card?

Okay, lets say you have unlimited money and want to build a gaming machin…Which card would you get?

This machine will be dual processor with Windows XP Pro…but that shouldn’t be a factor. I know the Geforce cards are for gaming…and the quadro cards are made for graphics rendering…but will the quadro perform for games too?

oh, and here’s the list of available cards for the machine I’m looking at:

3Dlabs® Wildcat II 5110® - Precision’s fastest and most feature-rich graphics adapter
ATI® Fire GL2® - High-end 3D performance at a mid-range price
NVIDIA® Quadro2 Pro® - Outstanding OpenGL price/performance for MCAD and DCC applications
New NVIDIA® Quadro2 EX® - Enhanced entry-level 3D graphics performance
NVIDIA® GeForce2® GTS - Good 2D and entry level 3D graphics performance
New ATI Radeon VE® - Appian Hydravision® desktop manager can extend your desktop over two displays
New ATI® Rage 128 Ultra Value - 2D option for general office applications
NVIDIA® TNT2® Pro - Value 2D option for general office applications

Unlimited money and you don’t even consider the GeForce3???

  1. Quadro’s = I feel like u do, Quadro’s are for rendering, not gaming.
  2. GeForce2’s are good + cheap, my friend has one, it works good.
  3. Radeon = NO… too old… but it could still do OK, and it is cheap
  4. TNT2 = definetly NO, just cause GeForce and Radeon(probably) are better than TNT2.
  5. FireGL = have NO idea, but its again, a rendering card, not gaming
    6)ATI Rage Pro = NO WAY!!! don’t even concider this!!
  6. 3dlabs Wildcat = Eh, again, rendering, not gaming

May i suggest:

  1. V5 5500. It WILL give you the MOST bang for the LEAST buck!
  2. Kyro II, i haven’t used it, but i heard its OK and cheap
  3. Radeon 8500 = should be good… but NOT cheap!

P.S. Only Bill Gates can spend unlimited money on a video card!

Thanks, that’s what I needed.

Glad to help… but what card did you pick???
I’m dying to know!

Look at Visiontek’s “XTASY” line of Nvida geforce based cards a damn good value; Best Buy has a 64DDR AGP Geforce2GTS Titanium with tv-out and a 250mhz processor for about $130.00

Actually, I ended up getting the Quadro2 64 card. It has DVI output to my flat panel 20" screen with has a DVI input. I’ve never used DVI (always just use normal analog monitor port) so I wanted to check out what the big deal was.
Ohhh, these flat panel screens are sooo awesome! I can’t wait till my dual 2Ghz machine comes so I can hook it all up…
giggles like a kid before christmas

I can give you the full stats of the machine if you want. I’ll tell you what kind of score it gets with 3dmark…I wonder if it can actually render games well…we’ll see.

I may end up getting a different card eventually…but not likely. This is, after all, my work machine…so I won’t be playing many games on it (after the first week, hehe). Maybe I’ll bring my home machine in here and take this one home…only time can tell.