Geforce Fx 5700LE 256 problem

Hi , i just installed this video card in my pc. And the open GL games like Quake3, Medal of Honor, wolfenstein, Ufo:aftermath they run very very slow, like on 2 frames per second. I have 61.77 nvidia drivers, directx 9.0c, and i dont know what to do…

I need help, please, i like those games :’(
Also the intro videos from each game are slow…

any ideas? :confused:

I forgot, i have:

Pentium 4 2.0 ghz
Windows xp home edition
256mb RAM

Does this mean that you removed your old card and just plugged in your new card?

Since you did not deinstall your old drivers, they did not deregister and cause problems know.

Um, I have Gigabytes 5700le 256 mbs card also, and i have problems with it akso… Comp just restarts when running Aquamark3, 3Dmark03, 3dmark2001se, and some other stuff. I can play some games like CS:CZ and Halo, and its fine… But cant run benchmarks without restarting(screen just go “no input/signal”)

So can anyone help?

I have TYAN S2505D DUAL P3 1g (i know its old)
512 infenoin ECC memory