GeForce & AntiAliased Lines

hi, anybody knows how to enable anti-aliased line support on the geforce? it runs very badly with anti aliased lines turned on in 3D applications

The GeForce doesn’t support anti-aliased lines. You need to go with the Quadro for that. Though someone somewhere suggested that perhaps some proper registry tweaking might enable this feature on the GeForce. I kind of doubt it.

I received this info from a guy who seems to know quite a bit;

> The anti-aliasing problem has been “hacked” addressed by using parts of
> quaddro drivers - but often not a real problem. Alais/Wavefront tested the
> geforce and said it smoked.
> (thats a good thing)… also using MS Neptune drivers, anti-aliasing is
> enabled (yes - the GeForce is supported nativly w/ Neptune w/ enhancments
> built in)…

I’ve asked for further info as to where these elusive drivers exist so I’m awaiting a response. I’ve also asked as to what MS Neptune drivers are as I can’t find a reference to them anywhere, as yet. Fingers crossed.

BTW which 3D packages have you tried the geforce with and how does it run in general