Geforce 8800 series and OpenGL

Well I just ordered an BFG 8800GTX card today and should be here Friday or Monday. Anyone have any requests? :slight_smile: I am curious to see if the 16 textures per pass is gone. I thought I seen 128 but could be mistaken. Plus my game is PS bound which most are I hear, but be curious to see how it performs. Wish me luck.

Yeah, put the OpenGL Extension string online =)

I guess it supports FSAA when rendering to texture. I have 7800GT but it would be nice if I could add FSAA support with HDR to my game. Perhaps I’ll add such feature next week.

Have you checked for case room? It wouldn’t fit in my Antec P150 (only ~260 mm of space). :frowning:
I’d like to know how high can one go with FSAA on a 8k x 8k texture?

lodder its at nvidia the 8800 series extensions but I will drop a print out here also when I get it today!! :slight_smile:

OpenGL Extensions

Nvidia has posted them for everyone. :slight_smile: